Thursday, November 19, 2009

Piracy gangrening on Mauritian streets!

Pirated CDs & DVDs are being sold and rented since a long time by hawkers and video clubs respectively. This activity is illegal but till now, the authorities have only intervened to protect the rights of local artists and productions. However, an Anti-Piracy Act is presently under consideration.

If ever it is implemented, we may witness the disappearance of a full-fledged industry which generates over Rs 1 billion annually and over which rely thousands of families to get their daily bread and butter. And we, consumers, will be compelled to purchase original DVDs at about Rs 500 each instead of pirated copies which can be easily obtained at Rs 10 each.

What is more important???

Protecting the rights of foreign productions or the survival of families!

“Hand of God” strikes again!

In its last qualification match against Ireland, the goal which granted France its ticket for the World Cup 2010 is going to trigger once more all sorts of debates on errors of arbitration.

We are presently living in a world at the edge of technological and digital advancements; so, why can’t all referees be assisted with the necessary equipment (e.g. review of videos on slow motion) in order to avoid such errors?

In most sports, codes of conduct exist to restrain competitors from acting unethically; so, why is nothing being done in the case of football? The players who were offside and the one who used his hand to deviate the ball, they did it consciously and kept playing. They were even celebrating over their shameless victory.

Why doesn’t the FIFA establish certain codes of conduct which will help curb such unethical behaviour on the part of players and restore some fair-play?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

La Grippe A H1N1

21 cas de grippe A H1N1 enregistrés depuis jeudi dernier à Maurice.

La grippe A H 1/N1 est une infection humaine se présentant comme une grippe classique (transmission interhumaine).

Les symptômes :
· Fièvre supérieure à 38°C
· Courbatures
· Grande fatigue
· Toux ou Difficultés respiratoires

L'Incubation :
Temps entre le contact avec la personne malade et l’apparition des premiers signes cliniques : 1 à 3 jours pouvant aller jusqu’à 7 jours
La transmission :
· par l’air (voie respiratoire)
· par les mains (le virus peut se retrouver sur surfaces contaminées : poignées de portes, mobilier, plans de travail….)

· se couvrir la bouche et le nez lorsque l’on tousse ou lors d’un éternuement
· se moucher et ne cracher que dans des mouchoirs à usage unique, que l’on jette immédiatement à la poubelle (poubelles avec couvercles et/ou sacs en plastiques fermés)
· se laver les mains régulièrement, en particulier après s’être mouché

· L'aération des locaux de travail pluri-journalière
· Le lavage des mains :
o mouiller
o savonner, de préférence avec du savon liquide
o prendre le temps de frotter, sans brosser, les paumes et le dos des mains, entre les doigts, sans oublier les pouces.
o rincer sous l’eau courante
o sécher avec un essuie-main à usage unique
Il importe de prévoir la mise à disposition de ces moyens et d'en rendre possible l'exécution (lavabo)
L'utilisation des solutions hydro-alcooliques en complément et/ou en remplacement du lavage des mains :
· 3ml de solution hydro-alcoolique
· il est nécessaire de frotter, sans brosser, toute la surface des mains et des doigts jusqu’à ce que les mains soient sèches (ne pas utiliser de serviette en papier pour les sécher)
· attention : solution inflammable
Le port des masques (deux types de masques) :
· Les masques anti-projections, masques de type chirurgical qui doivent être portés par les malades ou les personnes suspectes de l’être.
· Les masques de type FFP2 ou 3, qui sont destinés à protéger la personne non malade lorsqu’elle est en contact avec un malade (infirmière, docteur et personnel soignant) et/ou des personnes exposées régulièrement à des contacts étroits avec le public du fait de leur profession (métiers de guichet ou de caisse par exemple).
Ces masques doivent être remplacés lorsqu'ils sont souillés ou mouillés.

· Isoler la personne
· Lui faire porter un masque de type chirurgical
· Prendre contact avec le médecin traitant
· Si la personne a des symptômes grippaux à son domicile, ne pas se rendre au travail, prendre contact (téléphoniquement) avec son médecin traitant

Saturday, August 8, 2009

magic time

Today is a very extra-ordinary moment as for the first time, we can be experiencing the
MAGIC NUMBERS...check this out:

AT TIME 12:34 AND 56 SECOND OF 7/8/9
isnt this just amazing!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

setting up a new revision ACCA team

As mentioned earlier the present revision group has already the required amount of members but yet it should be noted that there are more than 15 students in our ACCA 2009 team. Where are the rest? I am thinking of having another revision group for F1-F3 as this will be beneficial for all of us. The new group will have as well as guidance from the already set up groups and I firmly believe that being in a team will help us go beyond the sky!!!
So all those who are interested, do get in contact so that we also can set up another ACCA revision team. Hope to hear some positive replies soon.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Feedback on the ACCA revision team

It’s already been two weeks since the team has been set up. Though, we’ve met some difficulties in planning and organising the work, now we’re on the right track and I’m proud to say that our team is performing.

There have been several requests from our friends who are interested in joining our revision team; unfortunately, we cannot accommodate more than 15 members due to lack of space and infrastructural resources.

Consequently, I would like to invite our friends to build other teams with the same purposes and goals as ours. If ever they need help to set up these teams, we'll be there to help.

And I wish to thank Prof. Raj Lutchmeah, Head of Faculty of Management and Finance at CTI for encouraging us in our initiative.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Setting up revision teams for ACCA

I think that we’ve all noticed how demanding the syllabus is, particularly, that for F4 Corporate and Business Law.

But I believe that just obtaining pass marks is not enough; we need to aim higher and even highest!

In order to do so, we need to work during tutorials, at home end even during our free time at CTI. Consequently, Shamianah and I plan to create a team which will focus on practicing exam questions and prepare revision kits as well.

It should be noted that the team is not meant for completion of assignments or other works given for tutorials. Its main objective is to voluntarily work out questions other than that given by our lecturers.

The team will be open to everybody and will be operational in one week-time. So, those interested need to inform us as soon as possible.