Thursday, November 19, 2009

Piracy gangrening on Mauritian streets!

Pirated CDs & DVDs are being sold and rented since a long time by hawkers and video clubs respectively. This activity is illegal but till now, the authorities have only intervened to protect the rights of local artists and productions. However, an Anti-Piracy Act is presently under consideration.

If ever it is implemented, we may witness the disappearance of a full-fledged industry which generates over Rs 1 billion annually and over which rely thousands of families to get their daily bread and butter. And we, consumers, will be compelled to purchase original DVDs at about Rs 500 each instead of pirated copies which can be easily obtained at Rs 10 each.

What is more important???

Protecting the rights of foreign productions or the survival of families!

1 comment:

  1. We are near the elections; I don’t think that the government will take any unpopular decisions for the moment even though they are desirable. Whatever is decided, pirated cds will still exist. So these families will not suffer that much, from my point of view. Honestly speaking I don’t care about all those stuff. Our government is encouraging us to become gamblers with the lotto and at the same time, this Act is supposed to make us become good citizen. What a joke!!